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Professional Analytical and
Consulting Services, Inc.

44th International Activated Carbon Conference

IACC-44 and related subjects
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA
September 26-27, 2019



Key IACC-44 Dates:

  • Conference – September 26-27, 2019
  • PACS Courses – September 23-29, 2019
  • Call-for-Papers Deadline – July 31, 2019
  • Last Day for Conference Discount – August 1, 2019
  • Conference Dinner – September 26, 2019
  • Hall-of-Fame Luncheon – September 27, 2019

Key Conference Facts

Optional PACS short courses are provided in conjunction with the 44th International Activated Carbon Conference. Combining courses with the conference is cost effective. Courses are listed on the Registration Form.

There is room for YOU in the technical program.
The technical program includes: oral, poster and abstract-only presentations.

You are invited to provide a one-page abstract for an oral (25 minutes), poster or abstract-only presentation. Abstracts will be in the 44th International Activated Carbon Conference Proceedings. Abstract-only presentations are designed for those with cutting edge or preliminary results which they would like to share with Conference attendees, but are not prepared to provide the full story yet.

Abstract Format

Abstracts should include contact information for all authors and should be no longer than 250 words or one page. Do not include references, diagrams, charts or photographs in your abstract. Use any common font, such as Times New Roman, Arial or Courier. Abstracts are required for oral, poster and abstract-only presentations. The deadline is July 31, 2019. A technical program, subject to change, will be posted on the website by August 25, 2019.

Leadership Speaker Program

The Leadership Speaker Program provides an opportunity for individuals or their assigned representatives to discuss: industry status, changes, new products, new test methods, their firm, and other issues which can help grow the activated carbon industry. The Leadership Speaker Program (a 25 minute oral presentation), which was added to the International Activated Carbon Conference in 1999, has been successful and helpful. The continued success of the Leadership Speaker Program relies upon knowledgeable individuals to come forward and talk at future International Activated Carbon Conferences.

Talk to your management team about participating in Orlando, Florida and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2019, 2020 and in later years. The Leadership Speaker Program is well received by Conference Attendees.

Conference Dinner

The Conference Dinner will begin with a brief introduction by representatives of each vendor and the Conference attendees, at the close of the technical program at 5:00 PM September 26, 2019. Dinner is included as part of the registration fee. This introduction is intended to connect with the audience. Following the introductions, vendors will be stationed at tables while refreshments are provided. You are welcome to attend the Conference Dinner without Conference attendance.

The Conference Dinner is designed to be an informal forum. This Conference is highly focused on activated carbon and related subjects. Individuals attending tend to be decision makers with many experiences to share. This is why we request that Conference Dinner participants obtain a full Conference Registration for speaker presentations. Important networking can be accomplished before the Conference, during breaks, lunches, at the Conference Dinner, and after the Carbon Conference.

Marketing Without Attending

Without attending the Conference, vendors can send marketing sheets for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings, which all Conference Attendees receive. Conference Proceedings are sold after each Conference is completed.

Even if you or your firm cannot attend the Conference, please consider submitting information about your products and services to be included in the Conference Proceedings. This marketing without attending service costs $195. The major activated carbon product and service providers submit their information for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. This connectivity is important to grow the activated carbon industry. You need to inform this special group.

Notes from the Conference Chairman, Henry Nowicki, Ph.D.

Mark your calendar: It is never too late to participate. You can send marketing without attending, abstracts for poster presentations and abstract-only presentations until 2 weeks before each Carbon Conference. You should plan early! The technical program is announced about 100 days before each Conference. Position your firm in the 44th International Activated Carbon Conference Program and post-Conference activities designed to promote the carbon and related industries. Training, education, business connections, and new products are important to the activated carbon industry. Please consider this your Conference. We are receptive to your ideas. This is the secret to our success. PACS has no funds to support travel and/or registration fees for Conference attendees. Early registration saves you money; a discount on registration. Speakers receive a discount in recognition of their efforts.


Would you like to sponsor a conference event? Coffee break, lunch, dinner, registration for a student, etc… Please contact PACS staff about our sponsorship opportunities.

Activated Carbon Hall-of-Fame Award

Take the opportunity to speak with our Hall-of-Fame attendees. This Conference is attended by former Hall-of-Fame award members. They are valuable resources with a vast background in the activated carbon industry. The awardee will be honored at a luncheon on September 27, 2019 at IACC-44. Some prior awardees are:

• Dr. Milton Manes • Dr. Fred Tepper
• Dr. Amos Turk • Dr. Leo Kaledin
• Jonathan C. Cooper • Dr. Bill Petrich
• George Tobias • Dr. James Ritter
• Bernard Cohen • Bill Purves
• Gordon Culp
• Dr. Mietek Jaroniec
• Dr. Mick Greenbank
• Dr. Richard Smalley
• Homer Yute
• Dr. Walt Webber
• Wayne Schuliger, P.E.
• Dr. Gary Hatch
• Dr. Evan Koslow
• Dr. Christopher Welch
• Dr. James Graham
• Robert Roodman, P.E.
• Dr. Timothy Golden
• Dr. Hugh McLaughlin
• Mel Suffet
• Dr. Evan Granite
• Dr. Murty Hari
• Dr. Fred Cannon
• Dr. Michael Antal
• Joseph Hayes
• Dr. Mohammed Bayati
• Neal Megonnell
• Mike Jones
• Dr. Steven Ragan
• Jon Maurer
• Dr. Steve Lipka
• Joe Wong
• Jack Losinger
• Charles Carr
• Joe Hayes


Hall-of-Fame nomination letters are sought for PACS conferences.

Send Abstracts, Questions, Marketing Sheets, and/or Hall-of-Fame nominations to the Conference Chairman, Dr. Henry Nowicki.

PACS Cancellation Policy