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Professional Analytical and
Consulting Services, Inc.

Activated Carbon Consulting Services

Telephone Consulting — This is a low-cost PACS consulting option when you need to talk with a carbon expert.

E-mail Consulting — Write your QUESTIONS and we will provide your cost for the ANSWERS.

Written Reports — When you have subjects which need to be answered in writing, this fee-paid consulting service can be provided.

Short-Term Consulting — When you only need short-term consulting services.

Activated Carbon Quality Program (ACQP) — When you need an external on-going evaluation of your laboratory service and your product’s performance.

New Product & Testing Methods Evaluation and Development — See Advanced Test Methods on the Activated Carbon Testing page.

Marketing — You can send descriptions of your products for inclusion in the International Activated Carbon Conference proceedings without attending.

Focused E-mail Advertising — PACS can cost-effectively help you advertise your products and services or find your new employees. PACS can send approved e-mails to some 25,000+ quality recipients on your behalf.

PACS capabilities are provided at “About PACS”

* Each of these Consulting Services are described in more detail, available from PACS on request.


For other laboratory testing service, method development, R&D, software or consulting service needs, contact:


For Carbon Conferences or Short Courses in public sessions or at your time and place, contact us.

PACS provides testing, courses and consulting at the client's time and place, and twice a year carbon conferences.

PACS Positions Available:

  • Laboratory chemist for activated carbon group. Will train!

PACS has positions available for professional scientific service providers and has provided these services for over 38 years. PACS will accept proposals for short courses, consultants, activated carbon conference directors for focused conference subjects, and other needed services. New ideas are welcomed.

PACS, Inc.
409 Meade Drive
Coraopolis, PA 15108