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Call for Nominations – Activated Carbon Hall of Fame

Nominate a colleague or yourself!  PACS Laboratories is seeking nominations for upcoming Activated Carbon Hall of Fame awards in conjunction with its sponsored International Activated Carbon Conferences and Activated Carbon School programs. Nominators need to provide a candidate resume, examples of benefits to the activated carbon industry and telephone numbers for the person making the nomination and the candidate for the prestigious activated carbon Hall of Fame award.

This prestigious award is an important part of every IACC.  Nominations are always open because the IACC occurs every year.  Prior awards were based on technical innovations, patents, business leadership, new products, new test methods, industry stewardship, publications, teaching, mentoring, ASTM committee D activity, and combinations of the above qualifications and intangibles.  The award includes a lifetime FREE admission to future PACS sponsored IACCs.  No travel funds are available for awardees.  Awardees need to provide a plenary lecture at an International Activated Carbon Conference or assign the task to another qualified individual.

Take the opportunity to speak with our Hall-of-Fame attendees.  They are valuable resources with a vast background in the activated carbon industry.  Some prior awardees are:

• Dr. Milton Manes • Dr. Fred Tepper
• Dr. Amos Turk • Dr. Leo Kaledin
• Jonathan C. Cooper • Dr. Bill Petrich
• George Tobias • Dr. James Ritter
• Bernard Cohen • Bill Purves
• Gordon Culp
• Dr. Mietek Jaroniec
• Dr. Mick Greenbank
• Dr. Richard Smalley
• Homer Yute
• Dr. Walt Webber
• Wayne Schuliger, P.E.
• Dr. Gary Hatch
• Dr. Evan Koslow
• Dr. Christopher Welch
• Dr. James Graham
• Robert Roodman, P.E.
• Dr. Timothy Golden
• Dr. Hugh McLaughlin
• Mel Suffet
• Dr. Evan Granite
• Dr. Murty Hari
• Dr. Fred Cannon
• Dr. Michael Antal
• Joseph Hayes
• Dr. Mohammed Bayati
• Neal Megonnell
• Mike Jones
• Dr. Steven Ragan
• Jon Maurer
• Dr. Steve Lipka
• Joe Wong
• Jack Losinger
• Charles Carr
• Joe Hayes

For more information see or contact the Conference Chairman, Dr. Henry Nowicki.


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PACS provides testing, courses and consulting at the client's time and place, and twice a year carbon conferences.

PACS Positions Available:

  • Laboratory chemist for activated carbon group. Will train!

PACS has positions available for professional scientific service providers and has provided these services for over 38 years. PACS will accept proposals for short courses, consultants, activated carbon conference directors for focused conference subjects, and other needed services. New ideas are welcomed.

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