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ASTM Method NumberTitle
D2652-94Terminology Relating to Activted Carbon
D2854-96Test Method for Apparent Density of Activated Carbon
D2862-97Test Method for Particle Size Distribution of Granular Activated Carbon
D2866-94Test Method for Total Ash Content of Activated Carbon
D2867-99Test Methods for Moisture in Activated Carbon
D3466-76Test Method for Ignition Temperature of Granular Activated Carbon
D3467-99Test Method for Carbon Tetrachloride Activity of Activated Carbon
D3802-79Test Method for Ball-Pan Hardness Activated Carbon
D3803-91Test Method for Nuclear-Grade Activated Carbon
D3838-80Test Method for pH of Activated Carbon
D3860-98Practice for Determination of Adsorptive Capacity of Activated Carbon by Aqueous Phase Isotherm Technique
D4069-95Specification for Impregnated Activated Carbon Used to Remove Gaseous Radio-Iodines From Gas Streams
D4607-94Test Method for the Determination of Iodine Number of Activated Carbon
D5029-98Test Method for Water Solubles in Activated Carbon
D5158-98Test Method for Determination of the Particle Size of Powdered Activated Carbon by Air Jet Sieving
D5159-91Test Method for Dusting Attrition of Granular Activated Carbon
D5160-95Guide for Gas-Phase Adsorption Testing of Activated Carbon
D5228-92Test Method for Determination of the Butane Working Capacity of Activated Carbon
D5742-95Test Method for the Butane Activity of Activated Carbon
D5832-98Test Method for Volatile Matter Content of Activated Carbon Samples
D5919-96Practice for the Determination of Adsorptive Capacity of Activated Carbon by a Micro-Isotherm Technique for Adsorbates at ppb Concentrations
D6385-99Test Method for Determining Acid Extractable Content in Activated Carbon by Ashing
D6646-03Hydrogen Sulfide Breakthrough Capacity of Granular and Pelletized Activated Carbon


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