Professional Analytical and Consulting Services, Inc.

Water Testing

Acidity500 mL$30
Alkalinity500 mL$30
Ammonia Nitrogen1 L$60
BOD, CBOD500 mL$75
COD500 mL$75
Total Organic Carbon500 mL$95
Chloride500 mL$35
Chlorine Residual500 mL$30
Coliform bacteria, Total and fecal200 mL$75
Advanced Microbiology Testing500 mLQuote
Conductance100 mL$20
Fluoride1 L$60
Hardness200 mL$35
Nitrate500 mL$35
Nitrite500 mL$35
Metals: As, Ag, Ba, Ca, Cd,
Cr, Cu, Fe, Hg, K, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Pb, Se, Zn
100 mL$80 each
Ion Chromatography $195
Oil/Grease2 L$125
pH100 mL$20
Phenols Colorometric1 L$65
Phosphorus200 mL$65
Solids — Total, Suspended, Dissolved500 mL$65
Sulfate500 mL$45
Turbidity500 mL$40
Pesticides/Herbicides, Target Compound1 L$895
Semi-Volatiles, GC/MS1 L$995
Volatile Organic Compounds, GC/MS30 mL$695
Geosmin and MIB$550
EPA TCLP Metals and Organics2 L$1,695
NPDES Permit Sampling and Analysis2 LQuote
Test Method Development/EvaluationsQuote
On-Site Sampling, Measuring, ManagementQuote


For other laboratory testing service, method development, R&D, software or consulting service needs, contact:

George Nowicki
Lab Manager

Rich Capp
Office Administrator

Send samples and postal inquiries to:
PACS, Inc.
409 Meade Drive
Coraopolis, PA 15108

Other PACS contact information:
Phone: 1-724-457-6576 or 1-800-367-2587
PACS website:

For Carbon Conferences or Short Courses in public sessions or at your time and place, contact us.

PACS provides testing, courses and consulting at the client’s time and place, and twice a year carbon conferences.

PACS Positions Available:

  • Laboratory chemist for activated carbon group. Will train!

PACS has positions available for professional scientific service providers and has provided these services for over 38 years. PACS will accept proposals for short courses, consultants, activated carbon conference directors for focused conference subjects, and other needed services. New ideas are welcomed.

PACS, Inc.
409 Meade Drive
Coraopolis, PA 15108