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Professional Analytical and
Consulting Services, Inc.

Contact / About PACS

George Nowicki
Lab Manager

Rich Capp
Office Administrator

Send samples and postal inquiries to:
PACS, Inc.
409 Meade Drive
Coraopolis, PA 15108

Other PACS contact information:
Phone: 1-724-457-6576 or 1-800-367-2587
PACS website:

About PACS

PACS has many years experience as a flexible service providing firm incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania. Like the juggler on our opening webpage, we take pride in keeping client projects on schedule and within budget. Dr. Henry Nowicki is the principal scientist and president at PACS. A resume for Dr. Henry Nowicki is available. The PACS business is designed to be flexible with the capability to provide a broad range of client services:

• Data Quality Validations – Specialized laboratory testing

• Provides 57 PACS short courses in subject areas: spectroscopy, chromatography, quality assurance, computers, management, activated carbon and environmental sciences

• PACS short courses are provided for the public and at the client’s site

• PACS sponsors five annual conferences – The conference titles are:

1. International Activated Carbon Conference

2. Environmental Sampling, On-Site Analysis and Sample Preparation Conference

3. Water and Health: Endrocrine Disrupters Conference

4. POU/POE Technologies Conference

5. Environmental Laws Compliance Conference

• Provides support and expert witness services for lawyers specializing in environmental cases – Provides focused training courses for legal specialists

• Provided Dioxin data validation services and a PACS professional training manual on the subject of Dioxin data validations – MTBE experiences

• Phase I and II environmental site assessments have been provided

• Regulatory risk assessments, toxicology, and management consulting services

• Provides on-site gas chromatography (GC) and GC/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) organic instrument performance, operator training and data validation services

• Provides on-site atomic absorption (AA) and inductively couple plasma (ICP) metal instrument performance, operator training and validation services

• Provided benchmarking course and services

• Provided ISO courses and consulting services

• Expert in activated carbon adsorption: Software (descriptive and predictive), Laboratory Testing Services (ASTM test methods, surface area/pore size distributions and chemical characterizations), Feasibility Studies, New Process Development (Liquid-phase regeneration of spent activated carbon and New Chemical Impregnation process), two training courses focused on carbon technology and sponsors the annual International Activated Carbon Conference

• PACS has over a hundred clients for laboratory services

• Developed specialized training tools for client needs – Provided on-site workshops/seminars and short training courses – Reviewed technical books, instrument manufacturer materials, and laboratory standard operating procedures

• Consulted for Concerned Citizen Meetings on health effects and statistics

• Performed laboratory evaluations of kits, methods, and instruments

• Design, code and test Fortran/Assembler programs to solve chemical problems

• Developed courses and professional manuals to help laboratories and other professionals comply with the OSHA Laboratory Standard and EPA regulations

• Provided statistical process control (SPC) courses, software and consulting to help major firms obtain better quality and productivity

• Provided short courses on a subcontract basis to: American Chemical Society, American Association of Clinical Chemist, HAZMAT, HAZTECH, Environmental Waste Management, Government Institutes, and Water Quality Association

• Provided consulting services to set-up classical wet chemistry methods to satisfy National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems (NPDES) permitting process

• Provided systems, behavioral and performance audits of laboratory activities

• Provided consulting services for the preparation of SBIR proposals in response to EPA, DoD, NSF, DoE and Ben Franklin Challenge Requests for Proposals

• Provides consulting services in industrial hygiene and method development

• Provides development of quality assurance programs, manuals, and audits

• Provided data validation for CERCLA-SARA organics and inorganics

• Provides development of computer databases and their management

• Provides asbestos inspections and management plans


For other laboratory testing service, method development, R&D, software or consulting service needs, contact:


For Carbon Conferences or Short Courses in public sessions or at your time and place, contact us.

PACS provides testing, courses and consulting at the client's time and place, and twice a year carbon conferences.

PACS Positions Available:

  • Laboratory chemist for activated carbon group. Will train!

PACS has positions available for professional scientific service providers and has provided these services for over 38 years. PACS will accept proposals for short courses, consultants, activated carbon conference directors for focused conference subjects, and other needed services. New ideas are welcomed.

PACS, Inc.
409 Meade Drive
Coraopolis, PA 15108