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Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction (SFC/E)

PACS Course Number 270

9 AM to 5 PM

Larry Taylor, Ph.D. is the course instructor, an outstanding professional scientist who delivers a state of the art SFC/E course. If you are planning to use SFC/E or need to get more out of present equipment, this course is for you.

SFC/E is an analytical technique that is only now beginning to be widely accepted, due in part to the development of reliable commercially available instrumentation, advances in column technology, and the development of meaningful industrial applications of economic significance. Chemical research concerned with SCF/E spans more than 25 years, is scattered throughout more than 500 publications, and is dispersed in dozens of journals published in English, German, Romanian, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and others. This course brings this information together in a systematically organized and coordinated fashion in the form of a short course. The fundamental principles, concepts and underlying theoretical aspects of SFC/E will be described in detail, while avoiding deeply mathematical discussions. Topics covered are described below.

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Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Extraction (SFC/E)

Course Instructor: Larry Taylor, Ph.D. under the auspices of PACS

Historical aspects of SFC/E will be presented. The properties of supercritical fluids will be surveyed, with emphasis on their chromatographic properties. A detailed discussion of packed and capillary column use will be presented, where the column types are compared and contrasted. Some of the perceived problems and technical challenges facing SFC/E will be delineated. Stationary phase selection will be discussed. Some additional topics will include:

Sources of information
Pressure/density programming
The use of modifiers
Mobile phase selection
Safety aspects of SFC/E
Chromatographic selectivity
Detector Fundamentals – FID, NPD, UV
Restrictor technology – practical aspects
Ancillary detection methods – MS, FTIR, and Fluorescence
Instrumentation: Pump, oven, and injector technologies
Quantitative aspects – precision of retention time and area
Sample introduction techniques: problems and pitfalls
Supercritical Fluid Extraction and how it compliments SFC
Many SFC/SFE applications will be presented
Relationship of SFC to GC and HPLC will be discussed
Equipment vendors and supplies
Quality assurance for the technique
Discussion of special interests of participants


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