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Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

PACS Course 340

9 AM to 5 PM

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are no longer merely convenient optional tools to be used in labs. LIMS is mandated today. This course is most useful for those working in the pharmaceutical industry but is useful for most labs. LIMS are now a necessary component of all modern laboratories that desire the combination of processing efficiency, quality assurance, and data validation that are required to be competitive. This course is ideal for personnel planning to add a laboratory information management system or need to make their present system more productive.

Dr. Martin Goffman has over 25 years of relevant experiences in the design and use of LIMS for the management of laboratory data. An outline of major topics is shown below. This is a 3-day short course. If your lab does not have a LIMS and you are trying to determine the need for one, this course will set you on your way. We will examine the uses of a LIMS, who should buy one and who should not, and how one sets out to make the purchase. We will also look at the hardware and software components of LIMS and review the related basic computer terminology.

Pharmaceutical team members responsible for upgrade/purchase of LIMS, meeting regulatory requirements and keeping up with new rules, validation, R&D, 21CFR Part 11, and implementation should attend this course. This course will provide useful insights into LIMS computer planning and management for the Pharmaceuticals business with specific guidelines on how to plan, implement and maintain the LIMS for your company. Saving money, gaining experience from others and avoiding the mistakes commonly associated with attempts at laboratory computerization is a goal of this course. This course will greatly benefit the participants by learning what to look for in the final purchase of the LIMS for their company.

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Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

Course Instructor: Dr. Martin Goffman under the auspices of PACS


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