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Environmental Data Validation

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The course instructors are Dr. Henry Nowicki and Bill Purves. They have provided the 4-day course "Quality Assurance of Environmental Measurements" for many years to well over a thousand participants. Many of those participants requested additional courses on the subject. This course provides more detail and specific information on the subject of environmental data validation. The U.S. EPA CERCLA/SARA data package will be used as a model in this course. You’ll gain a realistic appreciation for state-of-the-art validation. A broad range of environmental specialists will benefit from this course: managers, engineers, chemists, quality assurance specialists, regulators, and legal specialists. Dr. Nowicki provides the general principles and information on organic data validation. Bill Purves provides information on the data validation of environmental metal measurements. Both instructors have performed in and directed laboratories providing these environmental measurements. They can provide this course at your site as well as is on the public session schedule. Data validation can help solve or prevent a wide variety of problems. It provides confidence in lab data, risk eduction, good lab practices and is cost effective. This two-day course is designed for those who have responsibilities for environmental data quality. If environmental data quality is important to you, this course is for you. The agenda for this course is below.

The course content includes: 1 – Validation of organic and inorganic data for CERCLA/SARA projects, 2 – The use of data qualifiers and important data quality issues, 3 – Mass spectral data interpretation/validation, 4 – Atomic spectroscopy data validation, 5 – Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), 6 – Good Automated Lab Practices (GALP).

Course Registration is available. You may also register through an associated conference registration. Send it with a payment of $2250 to secure your course attendance. Hotel information and a map will be sent to confirm your registration. Please list your special interest(s) on the registration form. Enrollment is limited to assure your maximum course benefits. On-site PACS courses are available (most PACS courses can be provided at your time and place). Telephone Henry Nowicki or Barb Sherman at 1.724.457.6576 if you need further information. PACS also provides laboratory testing and consulting services.

Environmental Data Validation

Course Instructors: Dr. Henry Nowicki and Bill Purves

Good Lab Practices (GLP) History/use/future
Good Automated Lab Practices (GALP) History/use/future
Benefits/cost, Operational roles
Mass Spectral Principles (one hour, PACS courses 10 and 20 provide five days instruction on MS principles)
Electron impact and chemical ionization
Hierarchy of molecular ionization locus
Neutral loses from molecular ions
Diagnostic and characteristic ion series
Full scan and selected ion monitoring
Major fragmentation routes – alpha, rearrangements, and inductive
Mass Spectral Rules – nitrogen, odd-even, carbon number, isotopes
Mass Spectral Compound Validation:
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Aliphatic/aromatic halides
CERCLA/SARA Organic Data Validation
Statement of work (sold); Sampling
Chain-of-custody, Technical and project holding times
GC/MS instrument performance (tuning) checks, Initial calibration; Continuing calibration
Independent calibration verification (ICV), Surrogate spikes and data interpretation
Matrix spikes/matrix spike duplicates
Lab control sample (LCS); Internal standards
Target organic compound identification criteria
Tentatively identified organics (TIC) criteria, Overall performance
Atomic Spectroscopy Principles (one hour, PACS courses 260 and 261 provide four days instruction on AS principles)
Detection limits, ICP spectral analysis, Cold vapor for mercury
Interelement correction factors (ICF)
Atomic absorption flame vs ICP, Graphite furnace AA
Metals Quality Control and Data Validation, CERCLA/SARA and SW-846
Statement of work, Sampling, Chain-of-Custody
Holding times
Initial verification calibration standard, Initial calibration blank
Laboratory control sample (LCS)
Preparation blank, Predigest spike, Spiked samples and data interpretation
Continuing calibration verification and blanks
Interelement correction standards
Method of standard additions (MSA)
Graphite furnace spikes
Data Package
The forms
Data qualifiers
The narrative
The traffic report

Upcoming Environmental Data Validation:

Coraopolis, PA – 09/11/2019 – 09/12/2019, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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