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Certification Issues for Activated Carbon and Residential Activated Carbon Water Treatment Units

PACS Course Number 158

9 AM to 5 PM

This course is offered annually preceding the International Activated Carbon Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. This course is also offered in Ann Arbor, MI each May. This one-day course assumes you have a complete understanding of activated carbon adsorption. If you need a better understanding of activated carbon adsorption, PACS courses are available to help you. Two popular recommended two-day PACS courses precede this "Technical and Certification Issues for Treatment Units Containing Activated Carbon" course.

David Bentley from NSF is the instructor for this course. The course agenda is provided below. You are encouraged to let us know of specific interests and items you need to learn about. Your interests will be covered during lectures or at informal breaks and lunch which we take together.

This course is designed for individuals who need to know about the certification processes for activated carbon treatment units that are available in the marketplace. This is a practical "how to do it" course. The recommended course prerequisite is to have a good understanding on the subject of activated carbon. Consider courses 149 and 151, "Activated Carbon Principles, GAED, Practices and Opportunities" and "Selecting the Best Activated Carbon for a Specific Application" respectively

In addition to providing some 57 different short courses, 7 of which are focused on different aspects of the activated carbon industry, PACS provides testing, software, and consulting services for the activated carbon and related industries.

PACS courses related to activated carbon are titled:

Course Registration is available. You may also register through an associated conference registration. Send it with a payment of $1250 to secure your course attendance. Hotel information and a map will be sent to confirm your registration. Please list your special interest(s) on the registration form. Enrollment is limited to assure your maximum course benefits. On-site PACS courses are available (most PACS courses can be provided at your time and place). Telephone PACS at 1.724.457.6576 if you need further information. PACS also provides laboratory testing and consulting services.

Certification Issues for Activated Carbon and Residential Activated Carbon Treatment Units

Course Instructor: David Bentley under the auspices of PACS

General topics

  • History of certification
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of certification
  • Introduction to NSF International – history, scope of services, qualifications
  • Discussion of two Certification Programs impacting activated carbon manufacturers
  • Drinking Water Additives (Standard 61)
  • Activated carbon for municipal applications
  • Scope of certification = material safety
  • Certification policies
  • Frequency of testing
  • Certification of distributors
  • Drinking Water Treatment Units (Standards 42, 53, 58, 44, 55, 62, 177)
  • Activated carbon in residential drinking water treatment products (DWTU)
  • Scope of certification = material safety, contaminant reduction performance
  • Certification policies
  • Frequency of testing
  • Certification of distributors
  • Discussion of Test Methods
  • Standard 61 material safety
  • DWTU Standards material safety
  • DWTU Standards contaminant reduction
  • Discussion of issues related to contaminant reduction and activated carbon in the DWTU program
  • Activated carbon specs do not correlate well to contaminant reduction testing
  • Contaminant reduction involves various trace organics in water with TOC present and on/off cycling
  • Resulting issues with DWTU manufacturers wishing to change activated carbon in Certified DWTU products
  • Current approach and some new ideas for the future
  • Ideas for alternate approaches?
  • Conclusion / Wrap-Up with Question & Answer session


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