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Advanced Metals Analysis: AA, GFAA, ICP, ICP-MS – Flame and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

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PACS Course Number 261

9 AM to 5 PM

Flame and Furnace spectroscopy has been used for years for the analysis of metals. Today these procedures are used more than ever in materials and environmental applications. This is due to the need for lower detection limits and the need for trace analysis in a wide spectrum of samples. Because of the advent of ICP the AA has taken a back seat. This technique however is excellent and has specificity that ICP doesn’t have. The goal of this two day hard hitting course is to demonstrate how Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy can be used to analyze most any type of material reliably. This course devotes a full-day to the critical area of quality assurance for metal measurements.

This course assumes you have background in this subject, please see PACS course Number 260, "Metals Analysis: AA, GFAA, ICP, ICP-MS", to help determine the best courses for your needs. A course agenda is below. Another consideration is an on-site course with your equipment/staff.

The course instructor is Bill Purves. He has many of AA experience. He has analyzed samples from chromium (Cr) in biological tissue to tin (Sn) in alloys. This course requires basic knowledge of both flame and furnace techniques; please see PACS Course Number 260, "Metals Analysis: AA, GFAA, ICP, ICP-MS". This course will cover trace metals such as lead in alloys to Selenium in environmental samples. Quality Control and instrument performance tests will be part of the course agenda. When registering, please provide your experiences and special interests so that they may be discussed.

Course Registration is available. You may also register through an associated conference registration. Send a payment of $2250 to secure your course attendance. Hotel information and a map will be sent to confirm your registration. Please list your special interest(s) during registration. Enrollment is limited to assure your maximum course benefits. On-site PACS courses are available (most PACS courses can be provided at your time and place). Telephone PACS at 1.724.457.6576 if you need further information. PACS also provides laboratory testing and consulting services.

Advanced Metals Analysis: AA, GFAA, ICP, ICP-MS – Advanced Flame and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Course Instructor: Bill Purves under the auspices of PACS

Topics during this two-day course:
Principles of Operation Review
Optimizing the Flame
Multielement vs Single Element Lamps
Lamp Performance Check
Increasing the Linear Range
Slit Selection
Background Correction
Air Acetylene and Nitrous Oxide Flames
Matrix Modifiers
Instrument Detection Limits (IDL), Method Detection Limits (MDL), and
Limits of Quantification (LOQ)
Basic Quality Control
Hydride Generation
Mercury Cold Vapor
New Advances
Open Discussion
Principles of Operation
Background Correction and Performance Checks
The Three Steps Dry, Char, Atomize
How to Enhance each Step and Modifiers
Handling Difficult Matrixes
Graphite Tube Selection
Quality Controls
Detection Limits
New Advances
Open Discussion
Quality Assurance
Method development/Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
EPA Quality Assurance programs
Open Discussion
Discussion of Participants Special Interest Problems.

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