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PACS News Topic Development

Develop A Company News Topic / Sales Copy

This form is intended to help capture ideas about a newsworthy topic regarding the business, for possible use in the development of sales copy. Please enter text into any of the fields below, and press the save button at the bottom to record your notes.

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  • A one-liner or short name of the topic.
  • Anything new going on?
    Any accomplishments to brag about?
    Any important changes?
    Any new employees of note?
    Any sales, contests, or sweepstakes coming soon?
    Any financial news you want to share?
    Enter Company News Below:
  • Any new products?
    Changes in important products, pricing, construction, etc?
    Changes in, or new, processes?
    Changes in services, hours, or means of delivery for products and services?
    Any promotional programs?
    Trial offers, consultations, samples?
    Changes in shipping, time, or cost?
    Enter News About Products Below:
  • Any new market trends?
    Any new market studies, surveys, polls?
    Company milestones accomplished, awards won?
    Anything free that’s educational, white papers, ebooks, newsletters?
    Media or speaker appearances by execs?
    Any inspirational stories related to the business, employees, or customers?
    Predictions for your business, or your industry?
    Any online or in-person events?
    New technology trends, new service or product trends?
    Expert opinions?
    Debunking of common "myths"?
    Enter News About Market Trends Below:
  • Any clients using your product or service and happy with it (who want you to tell their story?)
    Any customer acquisition milestones?
    Any endorsements by celebrities or public figures?
    Enter News About Clients Below:
  • Branding or rebranding?
    Changes of any kind in the company?
    Charity involvement?
    Events attended or sponsored?
    Any Legal or Crisis communications necessary?
    Enter Other News Below: