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GAED Instrument Commercialization

PACS is seeking an instrument manufacturer to provide commercial Gravimetric Adsorption Energy Distribution (GAED) instruments. Instrument manufacturers with thermogravimetric instruments are ideal candidates to work with us. We have a strong business running client GAED samples on a prototype instrument. We have interest in commercializing our prototype GAED instrument with an existing instrument manufacturer. We want to partner with a manufacturer and we would like to provide training courses, marketing, and continue to run GAED samples for clients.

The manufacturer would benefit by working with us on instruments sales revenues. For more information see Advanced GAED Testing on this web site and contact


For laboratory testing and consulting and software, contact Dr. Henry Nowicki at:

For Carbon Conferences, Short Courses in public sessions or at your time and place contact Barbara Sherman at:

PACS provides testing, courses and consulting at the client's time and place, and twice a year carbon conferences.

PACS Positions Available

Laboratory chemist for activated carbon group. Will train!

PACS has positions available for professional scientific service providers, and has provided these services for over 38 years. PACS will accept proposals for short courses, consultants, activated carbon conference directors for focused conference subjects, and other needed services. New ideas are welcomed.

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