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Infrared Spectral Interpretation

PACS Course Number 30

9 AM to 5 PM

This 3-day course will help you determine unknown molecular structures from infrared spectra. The course begins with how molecules absorb infrared radiation, and what peak positions, heights, and widths mean. Next, a systematic, 12-step method to successfully interpret spectra is presented. The bulk of the course is a discussion of the diagnostically useful infrared bands of economically important molecules including alkanes, aromatics, alcohols, esters, and amines. Special discussions of polymers and inorganics are included. The course concludes with a practical discussion of how library searching and spectral subtraction make interpreting mixture spectra faster and easier. Dozens of reference spectra will be reviewed in detail. Students will practice interpreting many unknown spectra in class under the guidance of your expert instructor.

Dr. Brian C.Smith has over 30 years experience as an infrared spectroscopist and has trained thousands of people in the field since 1992. He is the author of three popular books on spectroscopy; Fundamentals of FTIR and Infrared Spectral Interpretation published by CRC Press and Quantitative Spectroscopy: Theory and Practice published by Academic Press. Dr. Smith earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Dartmouth College and graduated summa cum laude from Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.S. in Chemistry.

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Infrared Spectral Interpretation

Course Instructor: Brian Smith, Ph.D. under the auspices of PACS

Day 1
I. The Fundamentals of Infrared Interpretation
A. The Properties of Light
B. Molecular Vibrations
C. How Molecules Absorb Infrared Radiation
D. Strategies for Interpreting Spectra including Mixtures
II. Functional Group Analysis of Alkanes: Methyl & Methylene Groups
III. Unsaturated Hydrocarbons: Alkenes & Alkynes
IV. Aromatic Hydrocarbons: Benzene Rings, PAHs, and Heterocyclic Aromatics
Day 2
V. Functional Groups Containing the C-O Bond
A. Alcohols & Phenols
B. Ethers
C. Sugars and Carbohydrates
VI. The Carbonyl (C=O) Functional Group
A. Ketones
B. Aldehydes
C. Carboxylic Acids
D. Carboxylates (Soaps)
E. Acid Anhydrides
F. Esters: The Rule of 3
G. Organic Carbonates
Day 3
VII. Organic Nitrogen Compounds
A. Amides
B. Imides
C. Amines
D. Nitriles: The C≡N Bond
E. Nitro Compounds
VIII. Organic Sulfur, Silicon, and Halogen Compounds
IX. Intro. To the Infrared Spectra of Polymers
X. Inorganics
XI. Interpretation Aids:
A. Spectral Subtraction:
B. Library Searching
* Special interest of participants
* Review and discussion

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