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Metals Analysis: AA, GFAA, ICP, ICP-MS - Flame and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

PACS Course Number 260

9 AM to 5 PM

Atomic spectroscopy can help solve a wide variety of problems. Bill Purves is the instructor for this 2-day short course. He provides two separate atomic spectroscopy courses. This course is designed for beginner and intermediate levels of study. An advanced course is available, "Advanced Metals Analysis: AA, GFAA, ICP, ICP-MS", PACS course number 261. Most attendees benefit the most by taking both courses. Bill Purves is highly qualified on these subjects. He has been an instructor for Finnigan Institute, Perkin-Elmer, ACS and PACS. He has held several industrial positions using AA/GFAA/ICP and related procedures. His technical background and teaching skills will help solve your problems. During your courses he will show you how new techniques can improve the efficiency and quality of your laboratory data. The course content has many applications. This course will help: chemists, biochemists, chemical engineers, and quality assurance managers who need to know about principles, practices and applications of AA/GFAA/ICP. A course agenda is below. Also, this course can be provided with your staff and equipment at your time and place.

Key subjects you will learn about are:

Register by mailing a copy of the COURSE REGISTRATION FORM or an associated CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM. Send it with a payment of $2250 to secure your course attendance. Hotel information and a map will be sent to confirm your registration. Please list your special interest(s) on the registration form. Enrollment is limited to assure your maximum course benefits. On-site PACS courses are available (most PACS courses can be provided at your time and place). Telephone Henry Nowicki or Barb Sherman at 1.724.457.6576 if you need further information. PACS also provides laboratory testing and consulting services.

Metals Analysis: AA, GFAA, ICP, ICP-MS - Flame and Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

Course Instructor: Bill Purves under the auspices of PACS

Course Agenda:
Basic Theory of Atomic Spectroscopy
Instrument Components
Flame Emission
Production of Atomic Vapor
Graphite Furnace
Optimization of Instrumentation
Flame AAS
Graphite Furnace
Sample Preparation
New Advances
Discussion of Participants Special Interest Problems

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