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Activated Carbon Production and Sales

PACS Course Number 1000

9 AM to 5 PM

This 6-8 hour course is held close to the Pittsburgh International Airport; it is also scheduled regularly in major cities. This course can be provided at the client's time and place. PACS provides other courses on activated carbon and allied topics.

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Activated Carbon Production and Sales

Course Instructor: Jon Maurer

I. Raw Materials
a. Selection
b. Handling
c. Storage
II. Raw Materials Processing
a. Sizing
b. Blending
c. Other
III. Carbonization

Equipment & Controls

IV. Activation
a. Chemical vs. Steam Activation
b. Equipment & Controls
V. Final Sizing
a. Granular
b. Powder
VI. Support Equipment
VII. Packaging with De-Dusting
Bulk, supersacks, bags
VIII. Transportation, Storage Bins & Warehousing
IX. Testing/Laboratory
a. In-Process
b. Finished Product


I. US & Global Markets – general overview
II. US Major Market Segments
a. Product Requirements
b. Segment Size
c. Value Trends
III. Market Segment Criteria
b. Certifications
c. Etc.
IV. Competitive Dynamics

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